Site Wide Analysis

Device & network health is an important, yet often overlooked aspect of business.
Many business continuity plans don’t include hardware failure and as such the impact on day to day operation of business can be catastrophic.

This is where our Site Analysis service really shines.

We would attend site and perform a series of tests on your behalf. This can be undertaken out of hours if required.

We test:

Internet bandwidth, ping, jitter, packet loss & internal network speed.
 Wired network health and throughput
 Wireless network health, throughput, coverage and connection strength
Device health including system memory, hard drive fragmentation including r/w cycle competency & overall temperatures of each unit.

The Benefits:

Knowing the capability of your connection arms you with information on headroom to expand, or how close you are to capacity.
A check of connected devices to ensure that all are working as anticipated. PoE requirements are met and that there are no issues in traffic flow.
 Wireless networks can be tricky, too many or too few access points can cause issues, especially with aggressive switching on portable devices. We check and advise accordingly to ensure proper saturation of wireless signal throughout your premises.
 When a device has been in place for a while, dust and debris build up may impact the life span. If under heavy use daily, the storage medium may also be suffering. Proactive action here can help reduce the risk of downtime.