Making IT Work

Managed Services

The benefits of managed IT are numerous. First and foremost being the immediate relief of any and all IT based headaches.

ChimeraTek has several years of ICT experience in demanding sectors that will immediately be at your disposal. Offering complete coverage for any and every technical headache you have.

Working with you to  develop the business IT structure can yield improved efficiency and cost savings.

Some examples of the managed services we offer are:


Active Directory

With AD or Azure AD we can manage your devices on your behalf. Automated patch management as required by NHS tender applications, New starters, leavers, default settings for devices, user account management etc.
However you want your computer systems to behave and the limits imposed on them.

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft library of office apps with MFA (Multi factor Authentication.
Security and ease of use for your and you and your team, with changes only ever an email or phone call away.


BT will be shutting down their ISDN and PSTN services completely in 2025. Thankfully we have a high quality, fairly priced alternative.

The entire process can be completed quickly, retaining your existing number and allowing you to tailer the system to your exact requirements.

Shared Drives

With offerings from both OneDrive and Sharepoint, cloud based hierarchical permission structured shared drives are more convenient than ever.

Physical, on premesis devices can also be configured for stand-alone or cloud syncronised use.

Remote & On Site Support

Once we are up and running, a great many issues can be solved remotely. Lessening the time to fix for you and your team.

A well set up infrastructure should mean minimal engineer time on site thus offering cost savings.
When an engineer if prefereded or required however, we are happy to do so.

Data Migration & Recovery

In some sectors the data held is the single most important asset.

ChimeraTek can help to securely migrate and back up data as required.
In the unfortunate event that your data has already been lost, we are able to assist with file recovery.

Break-Fix & Proactive Support

Our relationships with Lincolnshire’s leading repair centres mean that if we are unable to fix hardware on site, we are able to have it repaired / replaced quickly.
If a team member has accidentally damaged equipment or if a device has simply succumb to age, we can repair / replace and data transfew to have you back up and running quickly. In some cases same day.

Additionally we are proactive when it comes to hardware.
We offer a free of charge annual review with your business where we can assess the relative age of devices and where required, suggest a retirement / replacement plan in order to keep within best practise of hardware age and supported software lifespans.