Making IT Work

Authentic, no nonsense IT services based around 2 core goals:


The customer should always know what’s going on. One of the most common complaints we have heard over the years is a lack of clarity from service providers.
ChimeraTek aim to rectify this by being completely transparent with our clients.
We aim to give our clients full view of; who, where, why, what, when & how much. Without technical jargon or information overload.


One of the best reasons for using managed services is the relief of the technical headache.
Until your MSP bombards you with things you don’t understand!
ChimeraTek’s ‘simplicity’ value removes this entirely.
The information we give you will be stripped of inflated technical terms and be presented as meaningful, bitesize chunks.
We strongly believe that as your MSP, the information you get from us should enlighten, not burden.

Our Services at a glance

Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us

As a very small, new project we were in the position where we needed to start from scratch on implementing our IT infrastructure and project website.
Chimeratek were recommended to us by someone who had used them previously and knew their work.
They have now been providing our IT support for just over 12 months.

We could not be happier with all the work they put into helping us create user friendly platforms and for their ongoing help and technical support whenever any of the team have an issue.
They are always responsive and are a pleasure to work with, no matter how small or large a problem we are having.  We would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Chimeratek.

Ruth Ingamells
Director of Operations