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Site Wide Analysis

Staying on top of user device health only grows in importance the more users you have. This is where our Site Analysis service can help.
We would attend site and perform a series of tests on your behalf. This can be undertaken out of hours if required.

We test:
   ▶ Internet bandwidth, ping, internal network speed & jitter
   ▶ Wired network health and throughput
   ▶ Wireless network health, throughput, coverage and connection strength
   ▶ Device health including system memory, hard drive & overall temperatures of each unit.

This data will then get passed to one of our analysts who will put together a simple yet meaningful report for you.
The complete health of your site, in one comprehensive and understandable document.




No matter the state of play when it comes to your networking. There is always some room for improvement.
Perhaps your comms cabinet is poorly cabled or your server room is poorly optimised, preventing access to anything in the rack.
Maybe it’s time for an overhaul of your WIFI.

We can undertake a full clean up and trace on your behalf.
Tidy up the patch panels and trace back to switches. Trace the switches back to the connections in to the building and if required make a report that gives you a visual representation of how everything connects.
In wireless cases we can produce a heat map demonstrating coverage for total peace of mind.

If you’re tired of the wall ports not working when you connect something, or if you need PoE and you dont currently have it.
Whatever your networking frustrations may be. Our team can help.

Hardware Sourcing

We have relationships with many suppliers of enterprise equipment that can usually deliver next day.
This means that the turn around from taking your request to you having it there working is approximately 3 business days, dependant on additional work required. (Domain configuration, software installation etc)

When you need a laptop for a new starter or a desktop to replace one that is failing, typically you want something up and running as quickly as possible.
We deliver the right device for the situation, pre-configured to work for you and your business. All the end user needs to do is sign in.
Any remaining setup (office 365, specific software’s etc) will also be undertaken by the delivering engineer on site, at no additional cost.

Some examples of hardware we can quickly acquire are:
    SFF (Small Form Factor) Computers
    Network Storage Solutions
    Laptops & Tablets
    Peripheral Components
   Custom Built Devices


Cloud Technology


Having everything on premesis vs having everything in the cloud is a hot topic right now.
Depending on the size of your business and the functions you demand, we can help you get the solution you require, with the security you need. Be this 100% in the cloud, 100% on premesis or somewhere in between.

Our engineers are experienced with both physical and remote server configurations.
We have the ability to create a hybrid solution as required offering you complete resiliancy against loss and damage.
Whether we use on premesis hardware or cloud, we will strive to make cost improvements while improving the usability and security of your network.

One of the best reasons to utilize the cloud is disaster recovery & business continuity.
Even if the main core of your infrastruture is on premises, having snap shot backups stored in the cloud is a sure fire way to protect your business.

Managed IT

There are many ways we can put our years of ICT experience to work for you. Be that as your stand-alone IT provider, as your CIO/CTO, or in tandem with your existing IT team. The services we offer are:

Active Directory (via on premises server / Microsoft Azure or hybrid)

We can manage your entire Domain on your behalf. New starters, leavers, default settings for devices, user account management etc.
However you want your computer systems to behave and the limits imposed on them, with none of the headache.

Office 365 / Exchange Mailboxes & Licences

If we are also managing your domain we can implement SSO (Single Sign On) and unify the computer / Office 365 experience.
With MFA/2FA (Multi factor Authentication / Two Factor Authentication) suggested, but not mandatory.
Security and ease of use for your and your staff / team, with changes only ever an email or phone call away.

VOIP Telephone Systems

We have experience covering a range of PBX software, and familiarity in setting up and configuring it.
While most PBX software’s are similar, and nearly all offer the same functionality. Each has its own way of doing things.
We can get you up and running quickly, with the features and implementation you need.

Shared Drives

With the ability to create hierarchical permission based access for your users, you can have secure and structured access.
We can create a shared storage area that is backed up at regular intervals. Keeping your data protected.

Remote & On Site Support

We have the required tools and software to be able to assist remotely, logging in to a computer and undertaking work as required.
On site attendance is also possible UK wide.


ChimeraTek are happy to function in this capacity for your business.
Our involvement is fully negotiable allowing us to take on as much or as little as you require.

Strategy & Planning

Much in the same vein as CIO / CTO but with a more ad hoc approach.
Either scheduled recurring meetings, or a more ‘as required’ stance are available

Reporting & Data Analytics

Our data analysts have significant experience working with demanding and large datasets.
We are able to process this data for you and perform whatever analysis you require, turning it into a meaningful and readable report.
Most recently we have been responsible for delivering this service to commissioners across the country for NEPTS travel.
We would be happy to put these services to work for you and your business also.

VPN & Firewall Configuration

With the shared drives in place, you may find yourself needing to access them remotely.
Having a VPN configured will allow you access them securely from anywhere in the world.


Our consultancy service is a way to offer dedicated support without the support contract.
we are able to undertake as much or as little work as you require on an ad hoc basis. Especially useful as part of a one-time, or a fixed time project.

Data Migration & Recovery

Your data is often expensive. Loss of certain data can end businesses
We can help you securely migrate your data as required, and in the unfortunate event that you have experienced data loss. We can help recover this for you.

Break-Fix Support

We have suppliers that offer replacement parts for laptops, tablets, phones & computers.
If yourself or a member of your team has accidentally damaged equipment, we can help you repair it.

We love a new challenge, so even if your requirements are not listed above. We can likely help.
Given the unique problems of each business, we are happy to have a meeting to discuss requirement at your convenience.

ChimeraTek are proud to be working in association with: